True Lies

Remember, and then, just forget it. Right?

Blanks Matter

Everything went blank. Next thing I remember I was down, in the middle of nowhere, and still, when I came back to myself, it was as if crawling back into … Continue reading

June 28, 2012 · 1 Comment

End of History*

I was so naïve back then. Everything sounded amazing, and people were so excited about the mere possibility of living forever. They told us when the wall came down (Berlin Wall) … Continue reading

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Seconds of Silence

And so it is. Or it was. I just don’t know nothing anymore. And there was such beauty in the world. I forgot what it meant to be “beautiful” and … Continue reading

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I was trying to…

I was just trying to take a deep breath when suddenly I was punched. Hey, what? What are you doin’bro? What’up, I thought you gonna just still the air. Hey, … Continue reading

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Pride and Prejudice

If there was a side, we’d have to choose. But in fact, there isn’t a side. There is just one thing: an illusion. Nature is not right, neither wrong. Nature … Continue reading

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Liking is for Cowards; Go for What Hurts

By JONATHAN FRANZEN Published: May 28, 2011 A COUPLE of weeks ago, I replaced my three-year-old BlackBerry Pearl with a much more powerful BlackBerry Bold. Needless to say, I was … Continue reading

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the Fortune-Teller

  So… I guess the fortune-teller was right… But she would never know that thing you do. I was running towards that silly monster, my enemy was not the one … Continue reading

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