True Lies

Remember, and then, just forget it. Right?

Face in the Dark

The first thing they make you believe is that you can get what you want.

The girl in the "ocean" of life

I always ask myself if there is something else, something that I do not really want (or at least, that they do not make me want it), and which is really essential to my life. And then I realized that maybe… Maybe I alre

ady have all that I really want from life. I can live in a good way, I am not a dumbass, I can fuck. Whatever . .

And then I see those reckless people, all desiring to be something they are not. And g

uess what? 1 of 1000 do not give up on their dreams, and from those who do not give up, only 1 of a 1000 reach their goals.

If you’re reading this, just notice: I am not saying to you to give up. My point is for you to not be the 99,9999%.

From now on, I’ll try to discuss the truth. Or at least the truth that I see in those lies they insist putting on through our throats.



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