True Lies

Remember, and then, just forget it. Right?

Questions and Lies

What am I supposed to think?

Oh, well, let's see

There is always something. A glimpse of a look, a hint between a smile and a nightmare. Before the storm starts everything is calm. And you see, a question, even the most simple one, can make people start lying. “If you do not want to hear lies, do not make questions” once said Dickens, and they still insist.Everytime I lied, or at least omitted something, it was because somebody made a question I DID NOT want to answer!

Oh, well, but there is something that is unsaid: and when people make questions intending to lie (using their own questions)? I really cannot penetrate people’s mind, and there is something vicious with that kind of people who send you an SMS in the middle of the night, while you are sleeping, and say something like: “Hey, Dude 2” (suppose I’m Dude 1) “I was just wondering if you could get those ‘whatever’ for me the next day” – “Dude, I am not who you think I am” “Whoops, sorry” – If he said “Oops I diditagain” I would simply through the first thing I’d see near me in his head the next time I saw him. But OK, you could say that he was just confused by names. But oh, c’mon, in Whatsapp? And when you never ever ever chatted with him, so you could not have a chat history?

The limit between sense and sensibility

Human beings

Ok, this exemplifies an idea that keeps beating my mind: “Cruel Intentions” everywhere, everybody, all the time. And this makes me think about a bunch of screwed “human beings” that just want to fuck up with good people’s minds. But then you would say: “The evil is in the eyes of the beholder”. Ok, so, I guess I must try harder in my meditation skills, because there must be some kindness in the world, and.. I just did not go deep enough to find it in other people’s actions. The other day I went to the movies to watch that Iranian film about a wedding crash. I “almost cried” when I discovered that they allowed people to divorce in Iran, I thought that in the Islamic societies it could not happen. Well, but back to the point, “meaningness” is everywhere we turn to see. Even Buddha fought the snake for SEVEN YEARS! So, maybe, what we could do best to live in peace is just trying to live the moment as it is the last. The constant presence of the past and future mess up with our lives.

But no matter what happens…

Tell me a lie

Tell me one, or maybe two lies

This is the ultimate question. “The one thou shall never ask.”


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