True Lies

Remember, and then, just forget it. Right?

Reaching Somewhere

Outside the box! Not the other way!

Wait, I am trying to see things different. I really am!

It’s difficult to think not as a human being…To think outside the box. Actually, for most people it kinda hard to think at all. Well, the other time I was watching a History Channel Documentary, which was about the universe (I do not know its name now). And, when it comes to think differently from the human proportions it starts to get a little fuzzy. The measures of universe are quite different from our own.. Even between human proportions, when you are conditioned to think in a measure, it is not easy to think in another one: americans take a distance in miles, and they do not find it easy to take distance in kilometers. The same happens to temperature, between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Now, imagine the measure “light-year“, which is the distance that the light runs in the vacuum for the period of a year. If you can actually figure it out, congratulations, because I cannot. ;p

Now, despite the fact that you are a human being, try to think as if you were the almighty God. You create the whole universe, the whole existence, and in fact, you also create “time”. Would you be preoccupied with what happens in a little blue planet? You have the universe to run! Well, but God is selfless, and he is omnipresent, omniscient and “omniwhatever”. He could do anything if he wanted. Now, let me just change a little bit the perspective: look at an ant, that little bug that simply is everywhere (Wait a minute: bug? It is funny, because I never think of ants as bugs, but that might be an exclusive characteristic of mine). Ok, back to the point. Yes, an ant. Look at it, or at least imagine it. Now, if only they were given the power of consciousness, what would they think about us? The craziness of God is a bit different, because “the Gods” never materialized in front of us. My point is: try not to think as human, and as a God. If you were God, would you really want people to kill each other?

Hey, do not kill him! Yes, in that case I give a shit!

In my opinion, there is a high chance that God does not GIVE A SHIT. For me it would be like seeing a bug war, between ant race 1 and ant race 2. It would not make my “life”

Please, mam, I believe in God. I really do. It is the church I don't.

different seeing some bugs killing one another. I really hope not to mess up with some fanatics thoughts this time. O:) I really thought about religion these bunch of years that are passed, and I came to the conclusion that if the religious meetings and whatever they do there, make them feel better, nice, just live your happy life. I am aware that for most people the feeling that there is something else, makes them feel better. And sometimes I get the feeling that those evangelic-penthecostal-charismatic churches are the reincarnation of the Catholic Church from middle ages.

And now, maybe I should turn to my meditations again.

Have you ever thought about that big tree you always tried to push and change. Isn't it amazing how the wind, in its subtleness makes it move in a way you could never do yourself?


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This entry was posted on February 17, 2012 by in Discussion, Philosophy, Religion.
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