True Lies

Remember, and then, just forget it. Right?

Discovering Whatever

  • Prologue
    I was searching for something. By the way, in my humble opinion, everybody is… Even if they do not know it, they are.
  • Context
    BuddhismWell, this time I searched deeper, in a way that I have never had before: I went to a Buddhist Temple, of the new Kadampa Tradition. Maybe, the first thing you should know is that I practice Yoga with assiduity, but I know, it was the second lol. Buddhism is NOT a religion. Buddhism is a philosophy. A philosophy in which they urge you to achieve enlightenment. I practice Yoga, the one from Shakta Samkhya tradition. And Yoga is another philosophy. A strictly practical methodology [DeRose], in which you use your body to achieve an state of mind, the so known state of samadhi. But what you should know as well is that Samadhi is another word for the so known ‘enlightenment state’. The first ‘buddha’ of all times was Siddarta Galthama, an Indian Prince, and a…


  • the Matrix
    When I was at the temple I had a little conversation with some of them. And they told me that the Matrix movie, took many references from Buddhism. Well, it is not difficult to see why. . .
    The first thing you know is that Neo is not happy with his life and what they made him believe. He urge to know the truth, and he knows there is something called ‘Matrix’, but he does not know what it is. There is something… Something that makes him unquiet. Morpheus then appears with the pills: the blue and red one.
    ‘There is always a choice.’ You choose what you eat, what you speak, what you do, what you believe or not. But above all, it is the little choices in daily life that will make your life different in the future.
    De-coding the Matrix
    And with the right choice, Neo achieves the real world. According to the Buddhists, the world in which we live is not real. The only reality is the reality that NEVER changes, or in other words, the reality of enlightenment. When he achieves it, he comes back to the matrix, in which he discovers that everything is dependent of his own state of mind. And then, when he knows it, he can make the spoon bent over (the spoon is just an extension of his own mind). Well, there are numberless of examples in the trilogy that according to them resembles their philosophy.
  • The Experience
    English: Manjushri Kadampa. Buddhist Temple in...
    Back to Siddhartha…  I am sure you all know that he told his disciples to NOT CREATE a RELIGION, because after achieving that state of mind, he saw the so known ‘truth’, which I understood to be: well, I did not understand what it is, but I am sure he did not mention god in any of his speeches. See for yourself. Anyway, I will try to say this simple so you can easily understand one thing that I barely can. Imagine a carrot. And then, imagine try to communicate to it what it is to be like a human. A carrot would never understand. Now, if you achieve samadhi, looking to us is almost the same thing as us looking to carrots. Did you understand why it is so difficult to look up and try to understand the view of someone who is up there? It is like someone describing the view of one high mountain or up high in the canyons. If you never been up there you will never know what it is to be there.
    Now, I will say it from another angle: at the buddhist temple I discovered that in the Kadampa tradition there are two phases in which the adept achieve the be wanted state: the first one is to apply the ‘sutras’ in his daily life, and the last one, the phase that makes it possible for the adept to achieve the enlightenment IN THIS life is nothing more, nothing else than Tantra YOGA! VOILÁ! If in Buddhism to achieve the state of nirvana they use Tantra Yoga, and the definition of Yoga is “A strictly practical methodology used to achieve samadhi” then Nirvana and Samadhi are the same, are they not? I am not buddhist, and do not intend to be one of them, I am just writing some questions that appeared in my mind.
    Nevertheless, I want to expose some pretty good stuff that I have learned in my stay in that Buddhist temple. I passed four days taking lessons and I must compare those things with the things we learn here in the West. Well, despite the fact that Buddhism is NOT a religion, it is always seen as one. The first thing I noticed in Buddhism, is that they urge you to enlighten yourself. For christianity it would be like “being Jesus alive”, or becoming ‘god’ in Earth. According to the Buddhists, buddha is not a person. It is a state of mind, and in this way, it is possible for everyone to achieve it. They urge you to achieve this state, because, according to them again, it is the only way to make other people achieve this state too, or simply stop making karma. The one thing I see about our culture is that ‘enlightenment’ is just for the saints. Well, I never believed in a God that makes me suffer in order to learn and be a better person. I never believed in a God that makes a little child suffer, or a defenseless animal suffer. For Buddhists, everything is caused because of the state of our minds. Well, in this way I agree with them… They do not blame the others for what happens to our lives. But, well, in my humble opinion, still, there is BLAME involved. And if there is blame, for me it is just a suttle way of being Christian.
  • Conclusion
    I know I said I would write some thingS I have learned, but I guess this post is starting to get ‘a little too long’. And to summarize I will say what I have discovered. But you already know it. Just remember the post title. They want you to believe you need to fuck yourself to be someone in life. Yeah, that is what they want. Whatever. If you really want an answer. An answer with no remaining question my suggestion is that you are looking for TANTRA.



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