True Lies

Remember, and then, just forget it. Right?

The Reason

After my last post, I was asked why I am writing in English. I am sure that there are more than one person wondering why I am doing it. Well, I am Brazilian, and live in São Paulo. In fact, I love my own language, which, I might say is Brazilian Portuguese. Actually, I love all about it. Even with its illogical. But there are some things that I like in my language. For instance, in Portuguese we have 2 different word for the ‘to be’ verb, which is pretty similar to Spanish: ‘ser’ and ‘estar’. I love being Brazilian too! We have our problems, but who hasn’t?

But I barely started writing and I am already skipping the point. lol

I believe that in the future, we all will communicate through a common language. Nowadays, the  language which is used as ‘the common one’ is English, and it is a fact. In my opinion, more than Brazilian, I am a human being. And what does differentiate human beings from the other animals? One of these things is the ability to communicate. Now imagine a world in which we could communicate with no barriers. Well, while this does not happens I delight myself in learning another languages. And this blog is an experience. The first foreign language I started learning was English. The second was German. And in the future, why not try Spanish and French too? But in terms of writing in a blog, maybe the order will be: English, Spanish, German and then French.

You know, it is a fact: I am in love with words. This phrase I read here in WordPress site, and it was said by Anne Rice. Of course it is not my intention to compare myself with her, all I am trying to say is that I am in love with words. Truly Madly Deeply. *.*


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