True Lies

Remember, and then, just forget it. Right?


Patience Eye

Patience Eye (Photo credit: cobalt123)

I had a dream. And a dream is like a subtle desire. So, I decided to have no more dreams. And then it turned to chaos. Dreams are made of the same thing as thoughts, but in an absolute different polarity. And as I kept discarding my dreams, my life got so lifeless.


And as the time kept going on, I suddenly realized that from the chaos in which my life turned it might wake up something that long time was forgotten. Patience. I do not need to think anymore. Patience is exactly the exercise of trying to not think. Well, if it is just an exercise, it is because you are not patient yet. You are impatient. Ok, one different kind. But still you are trying. And that was what I did. I tried.

Suddenly, I understood something else: if I kept trying to be patient, my impatience would get worse. What should I do, then? Patience.


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