True Lies

Remember, and then, just forget it. Right?

‘Told You No’

The answer is not what. The answer is ‘who’, I believe. If you keep thinking about ‘things’ you shall never transcend the material world. They say there are infinite existences, unless you achieve a specific state of mind. My tip today is to try to observe yourself as if you were outside your body. For example, if you smoke, try to smoke in front of a mirror. And then try to make an exercise of imagining yourself from above. If you are a coffee addicted make this simple exercise too. I assure you if you are not happy with one of your habits, just try to observe it. Soon it will give you up. =)

The whole process is to change from bad habits to good ones, only for a while. Then, when you only have good habits, it is easy to have no habit at all. The bad habit is to have habits. Once you abandon habits, your life could change infinitely. After this small exercise, no one shall ask your ‘powers of observation’. ;D


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