True Lies

Remember, and then, just forget it. Right?


What is it? Is it something bad? Is ‘darkness’ something bad?

For the answer just analyze it… What is it? Isn’t it the absence of light? And how the absence of something could be bad? And people fight darkness! I wonder how they FIGHT it. To eliminate it you just need to light up something: even the minor light would do to put it away.

I have one little secret. Of course I won’t tell you this easy lol. But you know, everybody has a dark side. In most people this side changes during their life. You don’t need to be pretty smart to know if the dark side of someone changes, proportionally the light side changes to. So, I ask you now: wouldn’t the light and the dark be just one ASPECT of the human condition? And if it is an aspect, you do not fight any of it. You just learn to deal with it.

That’s why when I see some religious guys I think fighting the devil the first thing that appears in my mind: they are destroying the light, when they try to fight the dark. I like the naturalism of the things. Be natural. Do not fight. When you start any fight it is because you already lost. Well… I mean, I truly think in naturalism: you never fight something that is inside of you. I do not want to get repetitive… But… Well, that’s it. Just live your life. Live more, say less. ;D


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