True Lies

Remember, and then, just forget it. Right?


Well, where to start?

I once wrote about ‘secrets’… This one though is not about secrets… But when I first started thinking about writing it I was listening to OneRepublic’s Song, one that I am simply addicted… SECRETS. But it was not when it started.
Once I was with a friend… And we were walking down the streets, until suddenly we bumped into one of his friends. And it was like one of those coincidences that you really get amazed if you start to think about. The first thing is that we were in SP streets. Where more than 17 million people live together. You have to agree that the odds aren’t quite favorable. And then, there is the fact that they did not see each other for like more than two years. And also, there was the fact that he kinda read one of her posts on Facebook that day. And also my role in that history: if I hadn’t invited him for a coffee in that specific place, or even, hadn’t insisted, we wouldn’t have met her in the streets. Also, if it hadn’t rained that day, maybe… . ;p
And in that day I met this random person, which maybe have actually changed my life, and she might never know. Well, in fact, if we all think about it, we all change our respectives lives without knowing…
But what that girl did that day was absurd… I’m sure it have already been said before by some random sage, or philosopher… But those words in that day changed my thoughts about what is “FOREVER.
What actually is forever?
The answer is very simple: forever is NOW. Yeah… The ethernal present… If I could just live with it. There is NOTHING else. I may write more about it in some random future post. But you see, it does not matter, cause this is it. It is all we’ve got.

And then, one comment on the first question. If you’re wondering where to star, you might be doing it wrong. The question is not where. The question is when. And the answer is pretty pretty simple: start when it is possible. And the possibility is only available when there is. Well, there is only the present. The past was, and the future will be.

It is as simple as it can be.


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