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Why I deleted Facebook


delete Facebook account

In the beginning of this year I made a decision. I would delete my Facebook account. It was part of a process, in which, I faced myself recently graduated, nevertheless unemployed. The accurate date I do not remember, by the way, it does not even matter at all. What matters came after the ‘deletion’- the  thoughts, the life experiences that came through this simple action.

First of all, the reason that made me do this was superficial. I just wanted to have more time to do useful things… Like write in a blog, for instance. And not going through the day watching stupid videos someone I met in highschool posted in their timeline… Well. Since I deleted it, I read 10 times more books than in the whole last year. Yeah, amazing…

Another thing that made me do this is that I did not want to hate mankind anymore. You know… there were some people who I really liked, and I needn’t know their political views, or their moaning about how sad they are because living is difficult. COME ON. When I had Facebook all I wanted to comment was: COME ON or GET-A-LIFE. You know… and now I must say that I am pretty much happier than I was. Oh… So, I guess I am saying is that Facebook made me hate people I really liked, and… This fact made me hate Facebook above all.

These were the reasons I deleted Facebook.

Now, I will state the reasons why not to come back to it. First of all, I had more than 600 hundred friends on Facebook, from which there were around 550 I never see! And when I say never, it really is NEVER… I mean EVER. Okay, so, what were these bunch of people I met once and never saw again saying? Who cares! I do not give a sheet. And that is why I like so much twitter: I don’t have to be friends to ‘follow’ someone. In fact, the real friends in my life I keep in touch by phone or mail. And that was the reason I did not say a thing to anyone before deleting my Facebook account: if the only way to reach someone was Facebook, I mean, if I had not any number or mail of this person, they were not a real friend. They were a spectrum of the past I soon want to forget.

And did you know that Facebook maintains all of your personal information even if you delete your account? Yeah! I mean, even if you say you want them to delete all the information about you, still, they will maintain it, and anytime you want to come back, you will have all the photos, and past posts and everything else. Information is power. And else, if you do not answer them WHY you are deleting your account, you simply can’t complete the operation. What kind of mafia is this? I mean, have you seen the Facebook movie? Of course, I know it is adapted from a book, which is adapted from a personal perception of what really happened. But you know… If 25% of what I saw in that movie is real, I would never trust my personal data in a company that is owned by a person who betrayed the only person… Ok, stopped. But you know… Zuckerberg is disgusting. Disgusting…

Well, I decided to write this post today because at breakfast I saw in the paper that another measure was taken to diminish privacy has been taken by Facebook. And I am so happy that I am not part of it anymore. And remember, this post is a mere point of view. I may agree or not. … Just live your real life, outside internet. It is pretty awesome out there. ;D


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