True Lies

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Sex and Image

Yesterday I was with some friends. Two friends from college and two friends from life. And in the middle of the dinner we were discussing the fact that the society in the last century has become… More sexualized. Everyone who has read Benjamin knows that whole thing about ‘image’ and how it is easy to reproduce it. And how it can travel the world. And the image’s aura… But Benjamin lived in the the Second War world; not in the post-Internet-creation-world. Although what he says is still to these days, I daresay that some of his sayings are too much intensified; others though, might have changed in the meantime.

And what does sex have to do with image? Well, I am not a sexologist, neither a deep analyst of the Benjamin writings, but I consider myself a studier of human behavior (as a behaviour economist and a philosopher ‘wannabe’ =p) and what I know is that image is deeply related to sex. Figure it out: if you are a man… what men do when they wanna come (alone)? They see a video in the internet – or a Playboy or G-Magazine, the guy might be and oldy kind.

PORN. Fuck, yeah.

I don’t know about women, but what I’ve been told from my female friends is that they also get horny seeing videos, but in a different way, of course. They are always so discreet. … ;p But okay, let’s admit it, the sense that is extremely related with sex is the vision sense. To get horny, people need to see something that makes them feel this way. There is just ONE sense that makes people feel ‘hornier’ then vision: ‘touching’; if you touch your “lover’s” erogin part it makes you feel deeply horny… It is in fact a stronger and brutal sense, but it is much more difficult to make it real then seeing, mainly these days. And else, seeing does not always involve ‘relation’.. Touching NEEDs interaction.

The other senses work in a more subtle way, by the order of tasting, smelling, and then hearing (from the brutest to the subtlest sense – I might say about this topic in another time). Today I just wanted to make a point about the ‘Tantric Explosion” the West is living in the last years, the one was foretold by some important people… And please, The Tantric Explosion involves other things different from sex… See how women are getting the reins of western society. And there are many – many – other things that also are related to this explosion. ;D


Quote: ‘Every time I see them I feel like never having seeing them before. Is this awkward?’


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