True Lies

Remember, and then, just forget it. Right?

the Fortune-Teller

An elaborately decorated fortune teller.

An elaborately decorated fortune teller. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So… I guess the fortune-teller was right… But she would never know that thing you do.

I was running towards that silly monster, my enemy was not the one I thought it was. My only enemy was nothing more, nothing less, than myself.

I saw him talking about protecting myself against them.

And then I knew that “them” was an euphemism for “myself”. People just stay in denial, when they put the fault to everything that happens in all but their own selves.

Maybe it is easier, because it takes from them the CONTROL.

Yeah, for some people, it is better to not have the control.

I am the opposite: I think it easier if I have control over the things that happen to me. At least nowadays.

“Take your time” “Take your time”, right?

Yeah, before, I was like ‘It is everyone’s fault but mine’ and now I am like ‘I is all my fault’ – it so easier to take responsibility for all that happens. I wish I had known it before.

I like it better… And then, the fortune-teller… I did I go to see her? If I had not met her, I would not know what I do not know! And it is so difficult to “know” things that are not. Because if you know what it is not, is like knowing nothing.

Fortune Telling

Fortune Telling (Photo credit: tom@hk | 湯米tomhk)

And knowing nothing is useless, pointless. Is like perfection. Useful, but useless. Perfection is boring. Knowing things that did not happen is boring. I never want to go there again. If I knew, I would not walk in the streets, would not sing I love you so much. But I went in the streets.


Just do not say it once. Say it in homeopathic doses, please, I am not strong enough to face that awkward fact. And now everything that I thought there was, just is not there anymore. Perfection is gone. Cause I decided to go to the fucking fortune-teller.


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This entry was posted on April 20, 2012 by in Life.
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