True Lies

Remember, and then, just forget it. Right?

Pride and Prejudice

If there was a side, we’d have to choose. But in fact, there isn’t a side. There is just one thing: an illusion. Nature is not right, neither wrong. Nature is nature. And nature do not judge. Nature select. And it does not select because something is right. I see people wondering about what ‘God’ want them to do. First of all, the first thing they should know about ‘Him’ is that no one can prove his existence. The second fact is that no one also can prove he does not exist. So, we can not say anything about some being or whatever one want this name… Energy, Consciousness, whatever.

I saw the prayer. I saw him, and he is in his right to do it. Also in his left. I was born a left-handed. But in the intercourse I was ‘changed’, they taught me it would be better to right with my right hand. I can even remember it, I say what I was told. And it made me think if it right or wrong. And then, right and wrong came to my stupid face and I saw it. Right, Wrong. They are not entities. They are not concepts. They are both the same thing. They are aspects. And tonight I dreamt about Pride and Prejudice, that book everyone knows from Jane Austen. But of course, I dreamt of the movie characters. But it was a different movie. A ‘wrong’ version. And simply forgot about that after waking up. But during the day, I was looking at someone and the person suddenly looked at me, when instantly I unfocused my sight. This made me remember my dream, cause there is a scene in the Pride and Prejudice movie, in which they are in the church, and Lizzy is talking about Mr Darcy, and suddenly he looks at her. If you watched the movie, you surely know what am I talking about.

And this movie made me question about right and wrong. Human beings are always searching for answers. But in my humble opinion, they should not search for a right answer, and INSTEAD, search for the right question.

Nature is not right. Nature is left. I won’t pray for God, cause I cannot pray for something I do not know of. Some people say that they have experienced God, and I am not questioning their experiences. Their experiences were so much real. And one’s experiences does not prove anything more than mental capacities.

I just want to see above the concepts. And I am sure some day I probably will. For now, I can only wonder, and try not to be pride, just be. And try not to have prejudice, just observe things without judging.


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