True Lies

Remember, and then, just forget it. Right?

I was trying to…

I was just trying to take a deep breath when suddenly I was punched. Hey, what? What are you doin’bro? What’up, I thought you gonna just still the air. Hey, what, u know, the air is free, and I breath how much I like. You know, the air ain’t free anymore, so u better starta control youself.Image

And then it begun, another fight, the last of my life. By then, in the fight, we consumed all the air left in the room, and we simply died. After dying, in heaven, they asked why both of us fought that night. We thought that it was because of the air, you know. But looking behind, it was not. There was nothing left in those days, just sadness. Everyone was dead, and in my opinion, life was not worth living anymore. Air. What about air. It was not that necessary. Well, actually, who wants to breath? No one. No one breathes. And it’s a bit crazy. I thought that air was responsible for us to get killed. And suddenly I just remembered. And there was also television, that made magic those days… It really made every fool to look like a smartass, damn intellectual. Just see the politicians case: if TV can make’em look like decent people, well, it’s good enough for me.


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