True Lies

Remember, and then, just forget it. Right?

End of History*

I was so naïve back then. Everything sounded amazing, and people were so excited about the mere possibility of living forever. They told us when the wall came down (Berlin Wall) it was the end of the story. Capitalism then would prevail all over the earth and indeed it reached out every corner of the earth and time started to pass. They believed that there was not any change left, and I surely agreed with them, the historians. And I wish I could stop not to believe in anything.

The funny thing is that capitalism was like an acid substance, in the sense of changing things. If everyone (most historians) thought it was the end of history, it was only beginning. It was as if no one could pretend what was coming, and instead, everyone knew because they could simply feel it in their ordinary lives, even when they were the most ordinary as they could be. It was something in the air, and no matter where people were, or lived, or stayed, or went. They were passing through the biggest transformation human kind would ever face. And in a sense, nothing would change, but this bare fact was already one thing changing.

If in the past, people thought about God ruling people’s lives, now, they thought their lives were ruled by the ‘Market God’. And after some time people got hysteric. Cause market is an abstraction, and what was behind it was simply people – not good ones when we come to think in the finance market. Nevertheless, years passed, crisis came, crisis went off. Religions came, religions stood on. And some years more, they could scientifically forge immortality. And people also thought that nothing would change anymore. There was nothing that humans could not do. Nothing. Except living forever. And suddenly this also changed. And there was nothing else we could get; nowhere to reach.

The common sense was that people would start to be happier, but scientists were not philosophers; neither were the psychologists. Because if you really think about it, human story is a story of hysteria. And they all thought that would make people feel like the gods; but it was the most miserable achievement actually. And the reason for that was that people were not prepared for such a capacity. There were a lot of things that were not (although should be) common sense. People were not happy by then. And here I am, remembering all of it.

I was one of the survivors. Technology gave me time to reach what really matters. But if you have not the sense that tells you there is no reason to be here, you simply stop wanting to be here, what makes you be natural, the least natural immortality is. People could not give their lives. I am here because I could give my life (please notice that give my life does not mean I could kill myself. In fact, taking out their own lives was exactly the opposite of give one’s life). I shall keep that in mind when I see the extractor again.

*this thought fragment was found in the middle of a forest in the region where was once known as ‘China’. It was “written” in thought language, not any known language. And authorithies are still looking for its owner, who apparently is the key for the immortal issues of the Global Government. – date 2Gem.4753AD


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